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Friday, January 14, 2005

Laying the ghost from the past.

Yup, it's confirmed - the universe definitely has a sense of humour! No
other explanation for the bazaar way this happen. The ghost in question is
an old flame, that I thought I had burned to the ground, but like a phoenix,
has popped up out of the ashes, just when I thought my life had gotten to a
reasonably sane point. But, as I have said, men are funny. This one hadn't
made any contact for over a year, he abides elsewhere. The baffling this is
that he was actually in Cape Town recently, but instead of calling then, the
boy waits until he's back to call. Male logic, I'll never get it.
Today's lesson? It's a total waste of time trying to control fate, and it
makes no difference anyway. So just go with it.