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Monday, January 31, 2005

Men in uniform

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You can leave your hat on...

What is it about men in uniform? Is it the hero thing?
I reckon so, I mean somehow men in say, council uniforms
just don't have the same effect as men in um, fireman hats.
Of course, the fantasy is usually better than the real thing in
most cases, one only has to look at a local cop, and all thoughts of being
handcuffed and arrested suddenly seem sobering rather than
thrilling. And fireman, doctors and builders are just as bad, if
not worse. There are however, men who live up to these fantasies...
Navy Boys. Most of them are young, buff, clean shaven and eager.
All the necessary traits any self-respecting toy boy should possess.
And the best part? The whole 'Officer and a Gentleman' thang.
Even if they usually turn out to be dirty, rotten scoundrels,
that just adds to the charm, after all, there's nothing like a bad boy
to get those fantasies going.