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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Full deck

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Relationships: risky

Aah, a nice bit of post-valentines cheer! Yes, it is somewhat of a Bunny-Boiler logic, but funny all the same. And besides, what women can actually claim to have never had these thoughts about
men? There're varying degrees of psycho-chick-thoughts. Mostly it falls into the "men are such dickheads, but I like them anyway" variety. This applies to any male behaviour from toilet seat ettiquette to ogling the next door neighbour washing her car in a bikini in front of the significant other, with a good dose of drunken-idiotness thrown in. This is common in Smug Married/Together Couples. In a single gals world, girls are more prone to the "He didn't call, the bastard" and "You two-timing rat" with the occasional "Are there any straight/single/rich/love gods left?" angst
scattered in for good measure. I mean, sure, men are often the baddies, but it is
easy for women to just blame it on men, when we cause just as many sleepness nights,
and turmoil for men as they do for us.