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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

TFWMS Posted by Hello

Why settle for a weapon when you can have an arsenal?

After all, being a female I am blessed with a full armory of WMS, it's practically a birthright. Sure the White Dress is my main weapon, but I still have loads of backup. A Double-Whammy will posted above shortly, in fact it's more of a Triple-Function Weapon of Mass Seduction. The wonderbra is obviously my distraction tool, and I can tell you it's foolproof, the boots are the brainwashing tool, being knee high suade, any red-blooded male will have fantasies about those puppies, and of course, the dress is short and um...sweet. So there you have it. My Triple-Function Weapon of Mass Seduction (TFWMS).

Can I have my cake now?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Weapons: Loaded Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Weapons of Mass Seduction

Almost every girl has one, some have more. It could be that dress, killer push-up bra, perfume or heels. It is used for the important interview, the hot date, the bad day or whenever we need a boost. Weapons of Mass Seduction. Mine is a little white strapless dress, tres simple, downright churchy, but effective anyway. Whenever I wear this dress things happen. Doors are opened for me, shopping bags are carried for me, drinks are bought for me, little old ladies stop me in in the street to tell me how fresh and cool I look etc. etc. The thing is, this dress is just the thing to get me feeling good. That's just one more reason to shop: getting more weapons! After all, if a single weapon is effective, surely an arsenal would be even more so?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Work it out

Work: Why I Aspired to be a Housewife.

Ok, I am exagerating. In fact, this is a prime example of duo logical reasoning.
Before my climb to the bottom of the career ladder, all I could see was the money,
the glory, the connections and such. The days of lying in bed until afternoon, the
huge mid-week parties, the care-free lack of all seemed so wasted
and pointless. Fast forward a while and it's pressure, deadlines, accountablity, night
classes to further the studies, tiredness and that awful realisation that somewhere
along the line I have become a grown-up. God, it's enough to drive a women to shop.
Which of course is what I have been doing. That and partying. But now days parties
don't get the same reaction out of my poor, overworked liver.
To cut a long rant short, I assesed the sitch and saw that perhaps it was not work as
a whole that was dominating the quarter-life-crisis, but just my job itself. So, being the
ever-pragmatic Taurus I am, I ditched the zero, and found a hero. But not that kind of hero,
more along the workfront. So, come May, the big 25 will be accompnied with a new job.
And I was saved from enforced domesticity!
All in all? A happy birthday it will be indeed! And quarter-life-crises be damned!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Something for the sisters! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cleaning out my closet

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Shoe problem? What shoe problem?

The only problem is coming across a killer pair way after payday,
and not being able to buy them. Besides, my fetish extends far past
fancy footwear. Perfume, bags, clothes, hell anything that sparkles
will do nicely. I am not bothered about labels either, if I like it, I buy
it - cheap shit or chic bits, I want it all. Financial restraints keep me
from la la land at least, but a girl has to have fun. Even if it is once
a month. It makes a cool hobby too, now if I can just find a rich
hubby to sponsor me I'll be able to take it up as a sport! I would
get my colours in a single morning at Cavendish!!