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Monday, March 14, 2005

Work it out

Work: Why I Aspired to be a Housewife.

Ok, I am exagerating. In fact, this is a prime example of duo logical reasoning.
Before my climb to the bottom of the career ladder, all I could see was the money,
the glory, the connections and such. The days of lying in bed until afternoon, the
huge mid-week parties, the care-free lack of all seemed so wasted
and pointless. Fast forward a while and it's pressure, deadlines, accountablity, night
classes to further the studies, tiredness and that awful realisation that somewhere
along the line I have become a grown-up. God, it's enough to drive a women to shop.
Which of course is what I have been doing. That and partying. But now days parties
don't get the same reaction out of my poor, overworked liver.
To cut a long rant short, I assesed the sitch and saw that perhaps it was not work as
a whole that was dominating the quarter-life-crisis, but just my job itself. So, being the
ever-pragmatic Taurus I am, I ditched the zero, and found a hero. But not that kind of hero,
more along the workfront. So, come May, the big 25 will be accompnied with a new job.
And I was saved from enforced domesticity!
All in all? A happy birthday it will be indeed! And quarter-life-crises be damned!