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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Why Women Love Vin

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Axe: powerful

Scientists have recently uncovered that the pill can cause women to be attracted to men with muscles. It all comes down to hormones, of course. Most girls already know this, as there can be no other reason for wanting to rip the pants off a boring, average looking dude who happens to be 'built like a brick shithouse' as my dear GBF so eloquently puts it. Anyway, I'm getting all flustered just writing about it, back to the point. This is that females judge the opposite sex in a similar way males do. It has alot to do with the instinctive need to find a viable partner who is likely to be a sure bet reproductively. Kinda like men drollong over big busted chicks with big booty: hormones again. Chicks are the same, we coudn't give a shit if Vin is dull, gay or otherwise, likewise the ripped dude next door who washes his car with his shirt off; as long as they look good, we will imagine them handcuffed to our beds. Sadly however, mostly fantasy is better than reality. As many ladies learn the hard way, built men are often seriously lacking in other areas. Further proof that the universe does indeed have a sense of humour.

Guys: now you know.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Message from Stringfellow Hawke

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Helicopters: hijacked

"It has come to my attention that a couple of wannabe hero's have been vying for popularity. I cannot keep silent about this any longer. This stupidity must stop.
The Hoff is a loser with bad hair. His car, Kit turned out to be a cheap Mazda with souped up mags. He may have been cool once, but he lost all credability when he tried to break out on his own by playing, of all things, a lifeguard in a speedo. As for McGyver, he conned millions of impressionable boys into believing that a wad of chappies, some scooby wire and a penknife could hotwire the neighbors car. His mullet set an even worse example, and both of them endorsed those vile tan leather jackets. But the thing that they really falked on was their target audience, which was teenage boys. While these boys were suffering from their delusions of coolness, their female frineds and relatives were sighing over me and my tight uniform, moody looks, sensitive nature, penchant for playing the cello at sunset and my troubled past. I may have been a basket case in real life, but hey, I was smart enough to keep my Airwolf persona intact. And it worked, the networks are reviving my series. So, ladies, drop those zero's and get with the hero."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sex and the Kitty

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Position of the Week: Kitty-Style

Tres simple, an elegant version of doggy. No kitties were er, harmed during the making of this shot, because they're actually models. Kinky kitties indeed! Prrrrrr.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Leave: Unlikely

It seems like so long ago. The sun, the booze, the beach...Kool Bay has got to be the best beach in Cape Town. The water is not freezing, so one can swim. Ok, so the currents are pretty hectic and there are warning signs everywhere. So what. It's not too packed, as Clifton 4th is on a hot Saturday arvie. The best thing is camping there. All that's needed is a tent, a big-assed torch, a bikini and a shit-load of booze. Swim, lie around, drink, whatever. When the party got in full-swing we played strip ching-ching-cha. I am crap at drinking games, always lose!
This is my Winter Pick-me-Up post. And no, I'm not in the picture for once. If you look carefully though you may see my toes, I was sitting on a mini ghetty when I took it. Cocktails, anyone? Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 07, 2005

8 April is National Cleavage Day...

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Can I have my prize now please?!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Friends with Benefits

This weeks' Impossible Question: When is a Friend Not a Friend?

When he (or she) is a Friend with Benefits of course. But are the benefits worth the risk? It is a common situation, and while booze plays a strong role, it is not always to blame. They tend to come in varying forms; such as Casual Friends, who you end up with somehow during a booze-filled night; Good Friends, who you have had flings with as teenagers and still occasionally pull; and then there is the Very Good Friend, who you suddenly see in a different way. If you act on this, you are playing a whole new game, if you don't, you will always wish you had. You are fucked either way. So, what to do, what to do? Tres simple: Weigh up the benefits. Do a dimple assesment. Do a warm-and-fuzzy-feeling check. Monitor your heart-rate. If the signs are good, get jiggy with it.