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Monday, April 11, 2005

Leave: Unlikely

It seems like so long ago. The sun, the booze, the beach...Kool Bay has got to be the best beach in Cape Town. The water is not freezing, so one can swim. Ok, so the currents are pretty hectic and there are warning signs everywhere. So what. It's not too packed, as Clifton 4th is on a hot Saturday arvie. The best thing is camping there. All that's needed is a tent, a big-assed torch, a bikini and a shit-load of booze. Swim, lie around, drink, whatever. When the party got in full-swing we played strip ching-ching-cha. I am crap at drinking games, always lose!
This is my Winter Pick-me-Up post. And no, I'm not in the picture for once. If you look carefully though you may see my toes, I was sitting on a mini ghetty when I took it. Cocktails, anyone? Posted by Hello