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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Why Women Love Vin

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Axe: powerful

Scientists have recently uncovered that the pill can cause women to be attracted to men with muscles. It all comes down to hormones, of course. Most girls already know this, as there can be no other reason for wanting to rip the pants off a boring, average looking dude who happens to be 'built like a brick shithouse' as my dear GBF so eloquently puts it. Anyway, I'm getting all flustered just writing about it, back to the point. This is that females judge the opposite sex in a similar way males do. It has alot to do with the instinctive need to find a viable partner who is likely to be a sure bet reproductively. Kinda like men drollong over big busted chicks with big booty: hormones again. Chicks are the same, we coudn't give a shit if Vin is dull, gay or otherwise, likewise the ripped dude next door who washes his car with his shirt off; as long as they look good, we will imagine them handcuffed to our beds. Sadly however, mostly fantasy is better than reality. As many ladies learn the hard way, built men are often seriously lacking in other areas. Further proof that the universe does indeed have a sense of humour.

Guys: now you know.