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Friday, May 27, 2005

Blogger Bash in the City

I had a blind date with about 8 guys last night, talk about weired! That's kinda how it felt when I first rocked up, late for my own party. It got better after the frozen marguerita's though, and better still after the awesome food. The tequila's topped it off. In beween all those, I met some cool people, we got to see the cat, and I was forgiven for not wearing the dress.
Yup, the Blogger Bash in the CityTM was such fun that I got thinking about starting a Blogger Bash in the CityTM thing where bloggers all over can get together in their respective cities. Thursday's are perfect for this, and after payday is ideal. So, each blog should take turns to host a Blogger Bash in the CityTM on the last Thursday of the month. It's a fab way to meet, network and get more readers. Try it.