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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blogger Bash Revised

After much deliberation the new venue for my Blogger Bash will be...

Fat Cactus (47 Durban Rd, Mowbray). It's dingy, they play 80's rock, they sell frozen marguerita's by the jug, they even have a resident cat that sleeps on the bar. And of course, the food rocks.
So, if anyone is keen for a party, check it out. Special guest appearances will be Rich...! of Jo'Blog, Martin of D2 and the seldom seen Cherryflava. And topping off the evenings entertainment will be my WMS.

RSVP me here or in the comments section.

p.s. Sadly, I cannot sponsor the whole shebang. What is can offer is this:
- Frozen marguerita jugs donated by moi
- Special Guest Appearances (and maybe a speech if we're lucky)
- Guaranteed sighting of the Resident Bar Cat
- I shall brave the elements and don my WMS aka White Strapless Dress
- Whatever else the night brings, at least we can see how Cherryflava is!

So, breath a sigh of relief it's the day after payday, and start the weekend with a hangover!