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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Does it matter?

Carrying on with my rating system, there are a few things to consider when hooking up with someone. These points need to be weighed up to see if it is worth the effort of going there.

1. Size? Yes and No. The real issue here is more the motion of the ocean, but obviously the size of the boat is a valid concern.
2. Age? This is hard. One one hand, younger guys are cooler, more fun, have more..stamina, and looks are on their side. But then again, they may not have great jobs, and they don't have much experience. How to choose? If you're looking for fun: toyboy. If you're looking for baggage: older man. Note: guys of the same age or just about often have the worst of both traits.
3. Money? Ok, while I love the idea of presents, I don't care about this much. As long as he's solvent, with an actual job, he's in the game.
4. Looks? Hm, that's easy: dimples - check. That's all it usually takes. I don't have a type, blond, red, brown, whatever.
5. The move? I don't bother with moves. I just like to talk and drink. If he buys me a tequila and makes me laugh, I will oblige.

That done, I generally hit and run. I always somehow end up changing my mind, hell knows why. Perhaps it's because if I score, the game is over. When you play to win, rather than for the love of the game, you don't have anything left after you claim your prize. What do I do? Tough call, I either stop playing, or aim to get to the final level. At least I can have some fun along the way.