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Monday, July 11, 2005

Good Girl with Bad Intentions?

I am a player. This startling discovery came to me after I realised that I have stopped caring if a guy I have scored has called or not, in fact after I have actually forgotten about him altogether. I had to be sure that this was not just my short attention span though, so I came up with a quick test to check my player aptitude. This is how I checked:

1. How many scores have I made this month?
2. Am I keeping track?
3. Do I give out my number to guys and then not know who they are when they call?
4. How long do I stay keen on a guy?
5. Do I have commitment issues?

I did badly. Without elaborating, let's just say I am now in no doubt that I am in fact A Player. But, I don't like that term. I am not a ho, I am not a biatch, and I do have a conscience. I am, therefore, a Good Girl with Bad Intentions. Single? Hell yeah! Desparate? Never.