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Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Honey, let me just finish this, then I'll take you shopping."

So, why should the rest of them make such a fuss? Because, Perfect Man has learnt how to please a woman. Mere mortals can too, here's how:

- It's tit for tat in this game, you get what you give. Give her something to sigh about, and she'll reciprocate.

- If he hollers, tie him up. An old tie and a can of whipped cream are all you need to make him do whatever you ask.

- If he's still not getting in to the right frame of mind, bring out the whips and cuffs. In extreme cases, a camera works pretty well too.

- If all else fails, girls just give up and accept the poor bugger for being normal, at least he tries. And guys, we all know that Perfect Men generally have non-prefect parts!