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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's All Relative and other life lessons

Since my descent into the next three-quarters of my life, I have learnt a number of life truths. The most important lesson to date has been that all problems are relative. However bad things have been, someone else has something worse to worry about. Likewise, someone else has just had their best day ever. Even in my own life this applies; everytime I think things can't get worse / harder / better / weirder, the universe plays its next practical joke to make me realise that It's All Relative.

Here are a couple of lessons in relativity.

Bad: No lemon to put in my Hunters Dry
Worse: No Hunters Dry at all

Bad: Drinking and dialling someone you shouldn't have, and not remembering what you said
Worse: Getting the restraining order the next day, and going through call register

Bad: No action for a few months
Worse: A lousy drunken shag

Bad: Falling out of a stopped taxi
Worse: Falling out of a stopped taxi sober

I can go on for ages, my life is one big lesson. On a positive note, some good things get better.

Good: Discovering blogging
Better: Getting my own blog
Best: Having a deranged fan or two, the status of being mentioned here often (boys, xxx), and
of course, a bit of competition.