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Monday, July 18, 2005

Really getting to know you

You know those emails, the one's that you're supposed to send to all your friends, filling in questions like 'what are you listening to right now' or 'what was the last thing you ate' and, god forbid, 'who / what inspires you'. Phuleese! How the hell does that help me know people better? These are the kind of things I end up discussing with random people at the bar, and it doesn't show anything relevant at all. So, i came up with a new list of questions. This list will make you wish you hadn't asked, but trust me, after this you will definatly know your friends. Really, really well.

1. When did you last bath / shower?
2. When was the last time you threw up after too much booze?
3. Who was the last person you shagged, and was it any good?
4. What was the last recreational drug you took?
5. Ribbed, studded or edible?
6. Favourite position?
7. At what age did you pop your cherry?
8. Have you ever tried S&M?
9. Does size matter, and why?
10. How many tequila's can you handle before losing the plot?
11. Have you scored the person the sent this to you?
12. Who is most likely to respond, and how do you rate your chances with them?
13. Have you ever been kicked out of a club / bar / public toilet?
14. Have you ever faked an orgasm?
15. Do you really want to know these things about your friends?