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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Show me the dimples

Ok. Rogues, nice guys and girly guys aside; what I really want is dimples. Not on me, on him.

I like dimples because they come out when someone is smiling. That, and the whole boyish charm thing. I'll take a night with the Rogue, and be spoilt rotten but the Girly Guy, I'll even go on a few dates with the Nice Guy. Some of them may have dimples, some may not. Some may treat me like shit, others may be the best thing since sliced bread. This is why being single is always exciting. You never know what will happen, there's always potential. Yes, there is always heartache and stress along the way, that's life. Shit happens. There's also lots of fun and adventures. You make new friends, you learn alot and most of all, you learn to love your life. I'll get it right eventually, in the meantime, I'm sure they're a lot more types of men still out there. Older men, toyboys, firemen...bring on the dimples!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If you can't be a rogue, be more like a girl

Yes, I mean girl. I don't mean girly, I mean how girls treat each other. This is how men should treat us. A friend of mine was wondering why men can't be as attentive and loving as our girl friends are, which includes the following things men can learn from:

- Our girl friends aren't too pussy to tell us the love us
- Our girl friends know how to make us feel good about ourselves
- Our girl friends know what a compromise is, and how to make one
- When we're sick, our girl friends come and cheer us up
- When we're stuck on blind dates from hell, our girl friends rescue us
- We can drunkenly call our girl friends at 04h00 to talk to them for hours
- We can behave as badly as we want, and our girl friends don't lecture us
- They are happy to go shopping with us for the whole day
- They know what we like, and don't like, and don't get it wrong
- We can talk, gossip, skinner and dish...and they listen to us

I could go on, but these are the most important things for men to try and learn from. Us girls could probably learn from men too, but seeing as how I already know to to change a tire and a lightbulb, there's not much I still need to know. Still, I somehow feel more inclined toward the chromosone-challenged. What can I say, I see dimples and I'm sold! ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Putting the O into boudoir

At last, something for the ladies. Shops like Kink and Lady Chatterley's Chamber have given us something to smile about. Edible undies made out of sweets, feather-trimmed masks, all sorts of toys, beautiful lingerie, whips and goodies can be found in these decadent boudoirs. Think pink, think frilly, think girly. The shops are men-friendly too, they can watch their partners trying on goodies through the peep holes in the changing rooms for extra thrills. It's about time women had something like this, why should men have all the fun? We want to play too.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

What nice guys can learn from rogues

Women just love a bad boy. A night with a rogue is just what a girl needs to feel like a romantic novel heroine. Nice guys can never understand this, but they could learn a thing or two from the rogues.

1. Rogues always surprise us. Never predictable, they keep us guessing.
2. Rogues are super-confident. Ok, arrogent perhaps. Nevertheless, they are sure of themselves.
3. Rogues never claim to be anything other than rogues. No bullshit, no issues.
4. Rogues are heterosexual. As in, not metrosexual of course. No silly hairstyles, no manicured nails, they are masculine.
5. Rogues are not scared to get down and dirty. They will tackle shagging, protecting their chicks, fixing stuff and danger with relish.

(note: rugby playing yobs are not rogues. Rogues are men of the world, like Indiana Jones, hot firemen or Han Solo)