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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If you can't be a rogue, be more like a girl

Yes, I mean girl. I don't mean girly, I mean how girls treat each other. This is how men should treat us. A friend of mine was wondering why men can't be as attentive and loving as our girl friends are, which includes the following things men can learn from:

- Our girl friends aren't too pussy to tell us the love us
- Our girl friends know how to make us feel good about ourselves
- Our girl friends know what a compromise is, and how to make one
- When we're sick, our girl friends come and cheer us up
- When we're stuck on blind dates from hell, our girl friends rescue us
- We can drunkenly call our girl friends at 04h00 to talk to them for hours
- We can behave as badly as we want, and our girl friends don't lecture us
- They are happy to go shopping with us for the whole day
- They know what we like, and don't like, and don't get it wrong
- We can talk, gossip, skinner and dish...and they listen to us

I could go on, but these are the most important things for men to try and learn from. Us girls could probably learn from men too, but seeing as how I already know to to change a tire and a lightbulb, there's not much I still need to know. Still, I somehow feel more inclined toward the chromosone-challenged. What can I say, I see dimples and I'm sold! ;)