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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Show me the dimples

Ok. Rogues, nice guys and girly guys aside; what I really want is dimples. Not on me, on him.

I like dimples because they come out when someone is smiling. That, and the whole boyish charm thing. I'll take a night with the Rogue, and be spoilt rotten but the Girly Guy, I'll even go on a few dates with the Nice Guy. Some of them may have dimples, some may not. Some may treat me like shit, others may be the best thing since sliced bread. This is why being single is always exciting. You never know what will happen, there's always potential. Yes, there is always heartache and stress along the way, that's life. Shit happens. There's also lots of fun and adventures. You make new friends, you learn alot and most of all, you learn to love your life. I'll get it right eventually, in the meantime, I'm sure they're a lot more types of men still out there. Older men, toyboys, firemen...bring on the dimples!