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Saturday, August 13, 2005

What nice guys can learn from rogues

Women just love a bad boy. A night with a rogue is just what a girl needs to feel like a romantic novel heroine. Nice guys can never understand this, but they could learn a thing or two from the rogues.

1. Rogues always surprise us. Never predictable, they keep us guessing.
2. Rogues are super-confident. Ok, arrogent perhaps. Nevertheless, they are sure of themselves.
3. Rogues never claim to be anything other than rogues. No bullshit, no issues.
4. Rogues are heterosexual. As in, not metrosexual of course. No silly hairstyles, no manicured nails, they are masculine.
5. Rogues are not scared to get down and dirty. They will tackle shagging, protecting their chicks, fixing stuff and danger with relish.

(note: rugby playing yobs are not rogues. Rogues are men of the world, like Indiana Jones, hot firemen or Han Solo)