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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Saturday Song

Bad weeks: Curable

I got it all this morning. Nothing good though, just stress, tiredness and a bad mood. After a week straight outa hell, it is finally Saturday, and what better way to get it going than singing the Saturday Song?

The Saturday Song has no words, it is actually that old song Tequila, that I always get playing in my head when I am anywhere near a bar. It can be any day really, anytime either. I even heard in last Saturday around lunchtime. But when the song starts, the tequila comes out. Give me some orange, lemon or just straight up, just give to me. I never used to be as fond of it as now, but I am converted. And there ain't no better way to fend off a bad week than a good party, so all together now: da da da-da-da da....