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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Career Guidance 101

So the other day I was barefoot, in the kitchen, right in front of the stove even, when the urge to be a housewife hit me. It isn't the first time I've had these musings, come to think about it similar circumstances were involved too. Whatever, I am sick of offices, sick of stress, sick of work. What I want is leisure and luxury, or job fulfullment at the very least. Whether I get this through finding something more suitable, or finding someone suitable remains to be seen, but if it is the someone, there are some firm guidelines.

1. I'll cook if he pampers. Massages, presents, candlelit bubble-baths and feeding of chocolates by hand are a fair exchange for a cooked meal. I am a good cook too.
2. Housekeeping. No more battles about dishes, ironing or similar.
3. Income. He brings it, I spend it. (but I can bring in my own if needs be)
4. He goes out with his friends, I go out with mine, we both go out together. If you can't party with your husband / partner, why are you sleeping with him?

Of course, all my other specifications still apply, as seen previously. So, changing direction job-wise is a much more simpler path to career satisfaction. Since my ideal job of Professional Party Goer seems to be non-profit, I think I'll do it for free.