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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Desparate Gold-Diggers

I gave up watching television when Brooke of The Bold & The Beautiful had her son-in-laws baby. Ok, there were other reasons apart from this, but it just strengthened my resolve to abstain from the big brain drain. Anyway, it was clearly a wise choice judging from the level of crapness now gracing the box each night. The ultimate has to be reality TV. I mean, the idea in itself is funny enough without SA models of the real thang. Reality? Please! And as for the dramas...Desparate Viewers sum it up just right. Somebody in La-La Land needs a wake up. And producers need some decent creatives to brainstorm some viable content that really reflects Real Life. Just like...

Desparate Gold-Diggers

12 young blonde chicks
1 filthy rich millionaire octogenerian
12 scheming future mother-in-laws
Assorted unsuspecting ex-boyfriends, male friends and pool boys

One lucky lady will get to marry a rich, ailing man. Each week, someone has to go. Who will be tempted by the pool guy? Whose mother will wreck her chances? What will they do to get to the top? And will the old guy live to the final episode?

The new reality-drama, Desparate Gold-Diggers...she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants.