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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Goldenballs: Out Gorgeous George: In

Just when Metrosexual men thought it was safe to leave out the moisuriser, Ubersexual men have emerged victorious, leaving Metro and Hetrosexual men behind. So, what's up with that?
Metrosexual men, such as David Beckham, take grooing to a new level. Their hair is just so, they use a full range of facial products...if not actually at the salon, at least at home. You get the picture. Think pink, but straighter.

Hetrosexual men, such as Colin Farell, are hairy and ugh. They don't know or care the first thing about grooming, let alone personal hygiene. Male Chauvinist Pigs they are.

Ubersexual men, a la George Clooney, are bam-smack in the middle. They groom, but don't bother with facials. They don't worry too much about their appearance, but still always look good anyway. In a nut shell, they are men who aren't given to fussing with their hair, but still recognise a hairbrush when they see one (and know how to use it too)

This is a scaled down version, for more info check out this week's You.