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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Living la vida lipstick...the real girrls way

Dion Chang's, or rather Gloria's Guide to Fabulousness, kinda got me thinking about what it is that makes us girls really girls. Is it the walk? The talk?

Most of us chicks have our Weapon of Mass Seduction, which go a fair way in giving us our oomph. But for girrrly girls like me, lipstick girrls, it's being able to get away with being frilly and silly...and still being able to have burping contests with your mates over tequilas and beers. Being able to wear the pinkest dress and the highest heels and climbing over a fence. Squealing over kittens and picking up the spider in the bath. Loving camping and shopping. Listening to Mariah (before she was cool again), and the White Stripes, and Waddy Jones, and BVK and anything else I damn well feel like. Not crying when I break a bone, but falling apart watching a soppy insurance advert.

Maybe Atomic Kitten had it waxed in their name, that about sums up what real girrrls are about: fluffy and hardcore. And if that isn't fabulous, who gives a shit?!

Sugar and nails...that's what girls are made of.