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Monday, November 14, 2005

Women's Magazines: Dangerous

Just how dangerous can a magazine be? Ok, subscribing to their propaganda may not cause bodily harm, but they are brainwashing tools of note.

Men's magazines are so simple. Chicks, cars, how to pick up chicks in cars, funny stuff and some useful info, like what to do in a robot invasion, thrown in. No schaltz, no kak. Women's glossies are another story altogether. Somehow, they insist that women need to be told how to Clean Up Your Life/ Get What You Want/ Have the Best Shag Ever/ Lose Weight in Time for Beach Season (and look just like the plasic surgeons girlfriend in the picture of course) in 5 Easy Steps. We are just not good enough the way we are you see, there is always, but always room for improvement. You can never be too thin/ happy/ sociable/ shagable. Not only that, but you would never be able to work out how to resolve these issues on your own. You don't have friends who can tell it like your best mag after all, and who needs a best friend anyway when your magazine can give you all the advice you need? Even how to make friends, it's so handy!

If I needed that much help just living, I'd rather spend my money on a shrink. At least they get you to think for yourself occasionally. I'll get my men's lit for kicks.