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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Two Double O Five...Who's ya daddy?

What a year! Talk about quarter life crisis, my 25th year on Earth has been pretty hectic. So, this was the year that I...

Got not one, but two tattoo's, changed jobs three times, changed hairstyles every other month, lost one best friend to London and regained another in return, lost two old cats and got three kittens, fought and made up with friends, had friends with benefits and lovers with liabilities, snogged people I didn't know and been hurt by people I knew very well, cried, laughed and abided by my new motto: "Life is what happens when you're doing something else".
This was also the year I started blogging, and became a
Chump ho. So, here's my bests and worsts:

My Favourite just has to be
ChumpStyle. Apart from the fact that they love me too, they have always made me laugh. They write well, they're never out to impress anyone but always end up doing it anyway. And they're kinda cute too.
My Second Favourite is
Jo'blog. me started, and they are still the Mac Daddy's of the bloggisphere. Even D'ave.
There's also a mass of others, from
Die Emmers, to d2, to Kyk Noord, Splattermail...the list goes on.

In January I'll be 1 Years Old in the City, a badly behaved toddler at that...but the beat goes on!