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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why should we have to suffer to be beautiful?

Killer heels notwithstanding, I won't ever resort to becoming a gym product to look hot. Sorry guys, I know how you love those pin-up's. But in my world, no flat stomach or toned butt is worth being in a room full of machines and mirrors. And as for diets, I don't think so. I eat rather sporadically anyway, excepting chocolate of course. So why make it worse by restricting my fat intake and overloading on protein? Besides, guys may perve over those 18 year olds, but in reality most of the guys I know seem to avoid those types. They ignore me when I'm wearing a hot dress, but suddenly advance when I'm wearing slops and jeans. Go figure.

Indeed. Whatever, here's my P of A for this year: Shaolin Quan. That's it. And if I happen to come out looking like Lara Croft / A Bond Girl / Tank Girl, it'll make the joy of being able to roundhouse kick anyone who calls me babe just so much sweeter.