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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anti-Fashion Fashion

We live in a world of clones. Fashion is beyond a joke, it's become all about getting "The Look". Every fashion page in every magazine features the same styles, the same looks, the same tips on how to emulate the same celebrities.

The came vintage. At last, fashion developed some individuality! Avid followers began to throw anything and everything together to pull off their outfits. Boho was hot. Boho was The Look. But the Image Factory turned the trend wheels, and vintage became mass-produced and mass-emulated, with chain stores stocking 'vintage' shoes, 'vintage' blouses...'vintage' everything once unique.
Once again, the clones surged forward in their brand new vintage threads.

How does a real individual function in this fashion farce? I cut up my Edgars card for starters, and boycot mainstream shops for another. I make my own stuff, or I support my talented friends who design. I buy second hand nee vintage clothes, and I continue to love clothes...without sacrificing my style on the alter of The Look.