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Friday, February 17, 2006

Lesson 1: The Nice Guy Issue

Nice guys never get the girl. True or false?

Sorry guys, but it's generally true. Before you panic, consider these reasons.

- Women are genetically conditioned to look for strong me to protect them.
- Nice guys often seem to be putting on their niceness to score.
- Nice guys can be boring guys.
- There is a wide spectrum between Nice and Bad guys - the ideal guy is smack in the middle.
- Nice guys often lack confidence.
- Women like confident guys who're happy bwing themselves.
- I know lots of hot Nice guys, looks are not always a big motivation.
- Likewise, I know lots of not-hot but sexy as hell Bad guys.
- Being nice is good, but being yourself is better.

And so on. Can you see the logic behind this? Chicks may go for an arb but cool guy - he doesn't have to be a knight in shining armor, he needs to be confident and happy with himself.

I like guys with character, I want to be treated nicely, sure. But the biggest mistake Nice Guys make is assuming that the only types of guy are Nice and Bad.

Top Tip: Stop trying to be a prince, work on being yourself.